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Updated: May 7, 2021


Miss society looked so unwell,

When I asked, I just heard her yell!

Putting her blame on shallow minds,

Some power-hungry and similar kinds!

Rigidness, yes rigidness she said is a root cause,

Idealistic and goal-oriented minds, running without a pause!

Shackles of economic status and caste,

Are yet not the things of the past!

High profiles with clamoring coins,

Never stop digging into rich gold mines!

So why poor would be worth their time,

But they are the poorest, I think of some rich kind!

Materialism has gone to their heads,

Honking just on the grounds of how they earn bread!

Have ever seen laughter and shine in poor's eyes,

I think it is worth a billion dollars price.

Just because they have an unheard voice,

We can't hold back to help them rise!

Donations are not the only trick,

But empowering them brick by brick!

Becoming Ambedkar or Mahatma is not what society's asking,

Mending smiles and making them more elastic!

Don't you think that's way longer lasting!

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