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What Is Autism? Symptoms & Causes

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

World autism pride day, world autism awareness day
Autism Pride Day

Every year on 18th June world celebrate Autistic Pride Day, to encourage and spread awareness for Autism. Consequently, let's discuss Autism and understand what actually it is and how we can help people facing autism. Understanding the disease or disorder is the first step we must take to help those who are suffering or facing the situation.

What is Autism?

The term "Autism Spectrum Disorder" (ASD) refers to a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. Communication and social interaction difficulties are common in this illnesses. Restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped interests or patterns of behaviour are common in people with ASD.

What Causes Autism?

When a parent is told their child is autistic, every parent wants to know what causes it. This question does not have a single appropriate answer. Autism is considered to be caused by a variety of factors. Autism is considered to have hereditary origins in certain cases. Doctors believe, there are several genes that cause Autism, but they have yet to be identified. They now believe that some people are born with an Autistic tendency. Then they are diagnosed as Autistic as a result of an environmental trigger.

In certain studies, environmental variables have been linked to Autism. They believe that pollution and chemicals in the air may have a role in a child's development of Autism. According to studies, small cities have a high prevalence of Autism. The cities all have one thing in common: a significant source of pollution. Typically, the cause is a factory that releases a large amount of pollutants and chemicals into the atmosphere.

The majority of the people claim that vaccines containing mercury, or Thiomersal, are to blame for Autism. This was because Autism was initially identified about the same time that vaccines were being administered.

Signs of autism

Autism was once considered to be caused by childhood emotional trauma. They also believed it was due to poor parenting. Doctors sought to blame moms for not paying enough attention to and loving their children. These theories have been shown to be false. To determine the real cause or causes of Autism, much more study is required. No one will know what causes a child to be autistic until a definitive explanation is uncovered. All of these theories are simply that, theories. Doctors will hopefully one day understand what causes a child to be autistic, and they will be able to devise a technique to prevent or cure it.

Signs of Autism

After reading till now, you may be wondering what the symptoms of Autism are. The following is a list of symptoms that can be linked to Autism. If your kid shows these symptoms, talk to your doctor about having them checked. The earlier Autism is identified, the greater the odds of successfully treating autism.

1. The first thing that every parent's notices in their child is growth, if it doesn't meet developmental milestones in a timely manner. Each youngster develops mental and physical growth at his or her own pace. Some babies crawl at four months, while others do not crawl until they are several months old. It's possible that this is totally normal. The issue arises when the basic milestone in child’s development is missed by a significant amount of time. Consult your child's doctor if they fails to meet these normal developmental marks.

2. At different ages, children begin to speak. Some begin talking when they are very young, while others begin speaking in full phrases one day. This is quite common. If your child does not exhibit any babbling type speaking by the age of one, though, you should be concerned. By the age of sixteen months, the majority of children will have spoken a few words. If your child isn't feeling well, ask their doctor if an assessment is necessary.

3. When you talk to a baby or a youngster, they will usually look at you. Autistic children hardly make eye contact with you. Instead of paying attention to you, they will appear to be lost in thought. They won't point to anything. They won't look at what you're attempting to show them. Instead, they choose to ignore it.

4. Child does not show emotion. Autistic youngsters frequently display little emotion. When someone smiles at them, they do not return the smile. When someone close to them is in agony or sobbing, they show little concern. The average autistic youngster dislikes being touched or hugged.

5. Typically, autistic children will play alone. They are more at ease when they are alone. They find it difficult to make friends. They have no idea how to interact with other children. When other children make a joke, they get puzzled. They actually take everything that is said to them.

6. The kid may have learnt to speak and then forgotten how to do so. They can learn a new talent and then forget how to perform it a week later. Autistic children frequently lose previously acquired abilities.

These are just a couple of the symptoms associated with Autism. Well autism can be treated only if parents are active and understand their children’s behaviour. Many parents get terrified after knowing this, they assume the child as he/she is mad. This is the biggest mistake ever parents do for them. With the patience and right approach they can nurture their children as a normal happy child.

Written By-

Editor - Ravisha Mahajan

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