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Art of lightweight backpacking

Updated: May 7, 2021

Adventure activity is well known for its fun, relaxation, joy, thrill, and enthusiasm. It only demands a bowl of good stamina, a pinch of patience, and a bouquet of energy.

Adventure activity is a broad term. It includes hiking to skydiving, from bungy jumping to scuba diving. It depends upon person to person; some may feel the adrenaline by exploring the world on a motorcycle while others find their thrill by skydiving or by simply wandering on mountains by hiking or trekking. So, I am here to guide you with a small trick for a successful hike or trek adventures which is the crucial part of any adventure activity. Even the expert struggles to figure it out.

At the initial level, I also hustled to get my hands on as to ‘How to pack light for camping? How to pack light for hiking? How to pack light for adventure activity? What should be pack and what should not be pack to make backpack light?’

Why lighter backpack is important?

Understanding how to pack a lighter backpack is actually important for any traveller. Because travelling with a lighter backpack can make your adventure trip more comfortable. Especially when you are going trekking or hiking. You'll be able to trek, hike or walk comfortably for a longer time when you are light on your shoulders. I remember on my first trip, I packed everything in my backpack. During my whole journey, I was struggling and making my group slow. With a heavy backpack, I got tired very quickly and my back, knees, and feet started aching. I lost all my stamina in no time and even though, I did not enjoy the adventure.

A lightweight backpack is not only important, but it is a necessity for your effectiveness and pleasure. So, it is important to pack everything intelligently. Your backpack will be the warehouse when you are on the trail. It must carry all the equipment, gadget, clothing, medicine, food, etc, you'll need to sustain yourself in the wilderness.

10 most important tips to lighten your rucksack:

1. Inspect your current gear

Collect and weigh every bit of your gear. Weighing is essential as it will give you an idea of the total weight of your gear, equipment and gadgets. Once you weigh, then you can decide which stuff to keep in and which to skip.

2. Lightest equipment in the bag

Selecting the light equipment for the backpack is a smart choice. Choose the lightest and most comfortable articles such as sleeping bag, tent, clothes, etc as per your budget and requirements. But I will suggest you buy the best one. You should not compromise with the quality of the product, as they are core to any travelling. The lighter you pack the more comfortable your journey will be.

3. Pack only what you need

Gather everything that you think you will use, then divide it in half and then pack the first half only. Bit confusing!! I know.

Actually, this is the most important tip amongst others. You should pack only which you will defiantly use, not what might be useable. As an example, a tab, laptop, hairdryer, jewellery article etc. These are delicate and luxury items that have no use in the way. You can skip it. Always keep in mind that you don’t have to carry things just because you think they can be useful.

4. Eat the heaviest food first

As we all know, the food item takes lots of space and increases the weight of the backpack unnecessarily. To cut the load, don’t pack lots of food and snacks. Pack minimum as much as possible, according to the calorie intake you are going to use. Eat the heaviest eatable item first, so that backpack becomes light.

Watch Paul's Video To Understand The Art of Backpacking.

5. Use dry and light options to liquid

Carrying liquid significantly increase the weight. You must take juices and other liquid in dry or powder form. For example, you can use the powder form of juice or energy drink, paper soap, etc.

6. Use multipurpose items

Multipurpose gears are very handy and they are really a life hack. Before packing just give a random thought, whether this will serve my multiple needs? Keeping multipurpose gear saves not only your space and weight but tension too.

7. Distribute the weight accordingly

Distributing the weight is an art. You only learn it with your experiences, but I will help you to understand, how to distribute the balance in a backpack?

First, you have to start with the shoulder strap and hip belt pockets, fill them first. These pockets are used for easy access to small and important items that you will use throughout the day.

Second, the heaviest item that you are going to use at the arrival of the destination, put it in the bottom of the backpack. Before packing anything, just remember the items should be pack in order of their usage. What you need first, should be on the top, and so on.

Third and last, keep all the light item on the top of the rucksack. This way you will find plenty of space and also feel the backpack more light, balanced and comfortable.

8. Don’t Hang extra stuff

Always remember, if you clip anything to the outer side of the backpack, it will keep on moving like a pendulum, shaking off your balance while you are on a hike or trek. Balance and comfort should be the prime motive before packing.

9. Pack According to the weather

Your clothing, shelter, and sleeping bag must be according to the weather and season. In most of the case, I found that people carry heavy and bulky jackets, sweaters, pants, etc.

If you are travelling to cold weather, pack your clothes that can be used in layers. Layering is most effective than carrying those bulky and heavy jackets.

10. Light and compact backpack

I saw most novice hiker or trekker prefer to buy stylish and funky look backpack. I also did that, but sooner I realized that their funky and cool looks are of no-good use. They were comparatively heavier than the quality-oriented backpacks. You must select a compact and lightweight backpack. Don’t go with the looks and style, go with the quality and comfort.

These are the 10 most important points everyone should consider before packing. Instead of this, you can also join some classes of survival skill. It is very important if you decided to enter the world of adrenaline (adventure). You must have survival skills, you will learn everything like, first aid, backpack essentials, etc. Well, developing skills is not a one-day class. Everyone learns by their experiences, surely you will also do.

Remember one thing ‘Master was once a student too’.

So, keep learning and improve yourself.

Some Useful Item You Must Have During Hiking & Trekking -


Sleeping Bag

Camping Head Torch

First Aid Kit

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