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Butterfly Effect

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Butterfly Effect

If I'd have to give a title to my life till now it would be "blessed beyond measure". It is not that I didn't have to work hard, to struggle through things or didn't hustle, but it’s just that I have seen them as blessings because some way or the other they have led me to the place I am at right now.

My struggles might have been different from the ones that my friends or family had to go through but no two struggles should be compared, for one what might have been a mountain might be a molehill for the other.

I am very grateful for the childhood that I had, the friends that I made during the initial years of my life have stayed with me over the years and despite all the changes they still are the most important people in my life and have become more of a family.

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity of receiving the education that I have and I had the privilege of studying what I wanted to and my family has always been supportive of my pursuits.

It’s not always been easy, I still remember the time when I had trouble getting into the course I wanted to and had to study for hours on end to get through it and can't forget the look on the faces of my family, they were just so proud.

In the Chaos theory, the butterfly effect, is the sensitive dependence on the initial conditions in which a small change can result in large differences in a later stage with significantly different outcomes, this means that every little action of yours add up to your future.

I'm a strong believer in this, it’s actually how I view my life, it’s been a culmination of small changes, which seemed difficult at first but ultimately led to bigger changes in my life and sometimes of the nature that I had not even anticipated but eventually, I found my peace with it and saw them as blessings and continued making small changes.

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