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Date | One Day Celebration

Updated: May 7, 2021

I don’t know about you, but, whenever someone asks, what date is today? The first thing I do, I check my phone, and at the same moment back in my head, I just recall my entire education to figure it out, did I miss something? Did anything special happened today, which as an Indian child should remember by heart, but I miserably failed to do so!! If you belong to the same group, So, hey buddy!! Give me a high five. Good to listen, I have people similar to my mindset, and kudos! We are still surviving perfectly.

So, why this article? Great question. I think there was a need to alarm out people, the pattern they are following blindly, without recognizing that they are becoming that old sticky chewing gum who is constantly under the trap and wants to get apart from the old dusky bench, nevertheless, they can’t, you know why? Because one of the parts is still left stuck behind to the corner of that dusky bench which every person hates.

yearly calendar on the phone

For me personally, it’s quite weird that new age media and people associated with it are absolutely obsessed with the concept of ‘One Day Celebration’. For them, the essence of any day sparkles only according to set calendar dates marked on their cell phones. If asked on any given regular day, when does men's day is celebrated or when is the army day? I am sure most of us will fail to answer until we peek at our little buddy and ask Google or Alexa to help us out. And the funniest thing about this is that we will definitely post an inspirational story or post on our social media handle with the numerous hashtags, just to grip the attention of our followers and get as many views as we can. Obviously, who wants to miss the golden chance to hike up the number of their views and comments. And the cheery on the cake is the photographs, I swear on holy Geeta they are the most beautiful things, that makes my day. They are really commendable. Don’t you dare to ask me why? Just because, we get to see an insight into an influencer’s life for just one day. I love to see family photos, but hey!! They don’t post much and thank you for the gender-oriented day we celebrate, I can have a glimpse of their grandparents, perhaps only for one day, but still, I have a chance to admire the real soul.

old couple enjoying each other company having good times
old couple enjoying their company

Ever since childhood till today, I have been a big fan of motion, as in of, continuity. I have seen people around me to be true to their art and love. They don’t see any particular day to express their feelings and emotions to others according to the validity period. They believe emotions do not come with the expiry dates, and if they do, then hey! you are on the wrong train.

Under the social constrain, we are under tons of pressure to remember any special event on the very exact date and time, as if we are daily diary under whose column everything is noted permanently for lifelong and cannot be erased. People want everything to be pinpointed accurately. Here when social media comes, like the most famous Facebook and Instagram as a rescuer. Nowadays, they are our true and best friends, without them, it is impossible to wish any of our friends at right time. Perhaps, we have forgotten our school time, when we used to cram every date by heart and some of us maintain dairy just because we wanted to be first to wish our friends, but sadly, this innocence has changed over time, and the digital era has taken over our innocence.

Don’t get me wrong on this, apart from national and international dates, any other date which has been established, they are been created with a purpose to celebrate the joy of their existence or to acknowledge certain things. Means, they need to be taken as a matter of pride, that does not need your kind attention only for that saturated day, but need to rejoice in our daily lifestyle. Expressing your love and gratitude only a minor minute to have public fake attentions will not strong your credits or relations with others, it will only add to the pressure of social acknowledge or social appearance, which you might not want to follow.

Why not we end the ‘One Day Celebration’ trends that we have started and go back to the older version of ourselves where every day was special and cherishable without the need for public satisfaction.

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Action Hero1
Action Hero1
Apr 16, 2021

This is more than perfect. You are right people should follow your words. 👍👍 Keep writing waiting for more writeups.


Anant Meera
Anant Meera
Apr 16, 2021

Beautifully written...thanks for posting an insightful article 😊🙏❤🌻

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