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Warriors In Blue - National Doctor's Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

“The toughest and responsible job is to be a doctor.”

Until the pandemic has hit harder, we haven’t released how dicey a doctor’s life could be. When the COVID-19 knocked on our doors, this profession selflessly contributed itself to fight against the pandemic and acted as a warrior to protect humanity dedicatedly. Being in the position to protect and save the lives of their loved ones, they took the bold decision to serve empathy 24*7 during the tough times and stayed eloped from their family to protect us and the nation. This article is a means to thank all the medical fraternity including all the doctors, nurses, drivers and all the helping hands on National Doctor’s Day to remember the sacrifices they made and who remain constant as a pillar of willpower in heart-breaking time.

The National Doctor’s Day was established in 1991, by the Indian government to honour Bidhan Chandra Roy's efforts. He was an influential contributory to the formation of the Indian Medical Association and the Medical Council of India. This day is memorialized to honour the contributions of doctors to the nation's growth.

About The First Lady MBBS Doctor -

Talking of Doctor’s many people won’t know the first female MMBS doctor in India was Bhakti Yadav, who was a gynaecologist by profession. She was born in Mahidpur, Madhya Pradesh, on April 3, 1926. She was born into a well-known Maharashtrian family. She graduated from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College with a bachelor's degree in medicine (MGM). Bhakti was the first female student in the MGM Medical College's inaugural batch of MBBS students. She became the first MBBS doctor from central India after graduating in 1952.

First MBBS Doctor of India
Dr. Bhakti Yadav

After holding her doctoral degree, she turned down government offers to serve in the Nandalal Bhandari Maternity Home, which cares for the spouses of impoverished mill employees. Later in the year, she founded the Vatsalya Nursing Home at her residence in Indore with her late husband, Dr CS Yadav, which is still operational by her son and daughter in law for 36 years. During her life span she Dr Bhakti Yadav performed 1.5 lakh procedures including 70,000 normal deliveries. She helped over a thousand ladies without charging them anything.

Dr Yadav received her Padma Shri Award a day before Republic Day in 2017 for treating thousands of women at practically no cost since she began practising medicine. She has been entitled with the name ‘Doctor Didi’. Doctor Didi is well-known for her charitable actions and assistance to the needy. Due to her medical illness and continuous weight loss, she died at her home on 14 August 2017, at age of 91.

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