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  • Shaye Shoreward

From Darkness to Light: A Poem About Overcoming Heartbreak - Perspective.


I tried to kill myself

Cos choosing was no option

Nearly dying made me realise

That my choice was already chosen

And now I am just wondering

If it should have been that hard?

Since the one who saved my life

Already had my heart

And once it was returned to me

The love I thought I lost

It wasn’t until I took it away

Until I saw what I forgot

And I remember now how it felt

Before I went astray

Still possible it is to me

A life with him again

But even though I am alive

A part of me was left

With the lies and all the secrets

That nearly caused my death

And while I come to terms with how

I had to let him go

I'm thankful for the parts of me

He helped me get to know

And what I hope for certain

Is that everything we were

Are all the things I can be now

For better or for worse

Should he find forgiveness

And try to love again !!

Always happy I’ll be for him

But from a far instead

Great-full cos it made my choice

So hard but just as easy

Since in the end I didn’t need to choose

For he had chosen me already

And it turns out that the only one

Who knew when I would fall

Was the man who now means more

to me then that love is worth dying for!

Written By-

Shaye Shoreward

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