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The Goblin Saga


A Glance of Heaven

Lucy looked at her mother and was frightened because she saw that there were many ghosts sitting next to her mother. Lucy said to her mother with great fear, "you are not. You are not real, but you're mom's soul."

Her mother was very shocked and told her in a trembling voice that you....really can see it all. I hoped you wouldn't.

Lucy asked her mother in an incredible voice, "Mom, are you dead?" Her mother nodded and agreed that she is dead. Lucy was crying a lot and again asked her mother, "really? " Her mother also crying and again nodded and agreed that she is dead.

Lucy asked anxiously, "Where are you? Where are you now?" Her mother replied to her, "In the hospital near the crossroad. They will call you soon. It's very cold outside. You go wearing your scarf." Lucy was crying so much. Her mother again told her, "In the future don’t make eye contact with any souls. Okay?"

Lucy said to her mother, "I'm sorry Mom for seeing those kinds of things. But....but I can see those things, I can see you like this." She was talking and hiccuping and crying.

Suddenly she was stopped for a moment and again said to her mother, "Am I not a good girl?"

Her mother replied in the affirmative in a very affectionate voice, "Yes my child, you're a good girl ever. I love you, my baby, I love you so much. Thank you for seeing me like this." Her mother was silent for some moment and she looked at Lucy very helplessly. Her mother again said to her very kindly, "Lucy... I think... I have to go now."

Lucy panicked and cried when she heard her mother's words. Lucy tried to control herself and told her mother, "I love you, Mom. I really love you so much. Bye, Mom. Goodbye, please go to heaven. Okay?"

Lucy was crying and saying these words. Her mother also cried with her and gradually disappeared. Lucy was screaming and trembling.

A story of a girl who can see the souls of people and can talk to them. One day she meets to the goblin, read the story to find out what happened to her.

When the call comes from the hospital, Lucy looks at the cake before leaving and said to God, " A wish... I'm not going to make a wish. I'm not going to wish for anything. No one's going to listen, so who would I wish to?"

12 years later... Lucy goes to her maternal aunt. Lucy's aunt has one son and one daughter. She is now 21 years old. Now everyone knows that she sees ghosts. Her classmates annoy her a lot with all this. Many of them treat her so badly because she sees ghosts.

One-day Lucy was going home and it was a rainy day. A spirit comes to her and wants to talk to her. The spirit was behind her and it was bothering her a lot. But she was pretending that she can’t see it. The spirit said to her, "Hey, I heard you're the bride of Goblin. You can see me. Right?" But Lucy was not responding. The spirit again asked Lucy, "Hey, why are you pretending like that? Yor are pretending as if you can't see me." But again Lucy kept silent and didn’t respond. The spirit was very angry and it became so ugly. Suddenly it was making so terrible sound. Lucy was so afraid and she said to it, "You scared me." The spirit was very happy and said to her, "Huh? So you can see me." The spirit was so laughing. But suddenly the spirit looked ahead and it was very scared. The spirit said to Lucy, "’s true then? You are really Goblin's bride? I...I'm really sorry. Sorry! Sorry!" The spirit was runaway but Lucy didn't understand suddenly what happened to that spirit and why it was so afraid.

A story of a girl who can see the souls of people and can talk to them. One day she meets to the goblin, read the story to find out what happened to her. Goblin Story

She started walking without thinking much more. She looked ahead and was stuck. Because a very handsome boy was coming towards her and the boy also looking at her. Both of them seemed to pause for a moment. The boy was none other than the Goblin.

Written By-

Tasnim Shikha

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