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The Goblin Saga

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Chapter - I

'Bride of the Goblin'

This is the story of a man who has been searching for his bride for nine hundred years to free him from his cursed life. If a mortal's desire dwells in a bloodied object he possesses, he becomes a Goblin. His sword was stained with the blood of thousands, So how couldn't it happen? Only the Goblin's bride will draw that sword. Once drawn, it will fade to nothingness, at peace. It's a cruel deal for the Goblin.

Once upon a time, there was a great Warrior who sacrificed his life to protect his King and the Kingdom. But his fate has decided something else for him, the Warrior didn't know the King was being persuaded by someone to be killed.

One day the King summoned the Warrior to the court and told him, "Go to war and never come back alive". He was shocked to listen to the command of his King; the Warrior was a King’s man who loved him very much. On his return from the last battlefield, everyone was happy to see the Warrior and blessed him for his success, for which the King was so terrified. The King thought that now everyone will look at the Warrior as their saviour and soon everyone would obey him, and not the King.

To protect his royalty the King on that every moment declared, “the Warrior was a traitor and he must die.” King knew the Warrior was a brave and strong man, and once he’ll become the favourite of the clan no one will ever come to him for his mercy, that's why the King blackmailed the Warrior to kill his loved ones and the poor people. Hearing the order from his monarch, the Warrior was stunned, he couldn’t believe the statement passed by his King. The Warrior requested his King to pardon him from this act and eventually, the Warrior accepted his death with his own sword. What an awful oracle it was!!

The King dumped the Warrior’s body in a distant field and all the people kept praying to God for him. The prayers of the people God resurrected him. But this new life became both a reward and a curse for the Warrior, due to the cruelty of destiny. From then on, everyone knew the Warrior as, Goblin and he became more powerful and stronger than anyone could be. At that moment God said to Goblin, "Only the Goblin's Bride can draw the sword and rescue him from his cursed life". The Goblin awaking to immortality is everywhere and nowhere and now he.............. The old lady didn’t finish the Goblin's story, the girl sitting next to the old lady was laughing at her.

The old lady became annoyed with the girl and asked, "Why are you laughing, you rotten girl?” That girl didn't believe the GOBLIN story which poked her into laughter and mocking the tale narrated by the old lady. Everything was a legend for that girl. The girl told the old lady, "But that story is so sad. It's a romantic curse. Having to find a bride in order to die". Mummering the lines in a laughter tone the girl was about to leave the room and suddenly the old lady took her hand and said that "When comes the moment of life and death, be sure to pray earnestly. Who knows, a God with a tender heart may be listening to you”.

A few days later the girl had a very bad car accident. She was looking for someone to help her and she was praying to God to save her. She was covered in blood. At that moment the Goblin came there and looking at her. “Who are you?” asked the girl. “Someone” replied the Goblin. “Please, please help me” the girl requested. “What should I do? I don't have the rules to come between human birth and death” the Goblin reverted. In a panicking tone, the girl said, “But I can't die as this” The girl pointed at her stomach, she was pregnant. Goblin questioned the girl, “So you're not begging for you, you're begging someone else?”

The girl was almost near to death begging the Goblin to save her child. She was continuously chanting, “Please, please save my baby, please save my baby” The Goblin was so kind-hearted for the child, so he gave her life back.

A few months later the girl gave birth to a baby girl. When the baby was born every spirit told that " it's the Goblin's bride. Goblin's bride is born." Nine years later, a girl child, Lucy was playing with her mother and she was talking to some invisible object. Her mother noticed it

and took a deep breath. She thought her child was not normal and her daughter has birthmarks on her neck for which she thought Lucy can see ghosts. After few months, Lucy on her birthday wanted to cut a rice cake and, in the evening, when she came back home, she said to her mother that, “I’m so tired Mom, I got 100% in English today." Giving a pride moment, the mother asked Lucy smiling, “Is that so?” Lucy noticed that her favourite cake was on the table and in the most excitement she asked, “Mom, are we having the party now?” “Yes, hurry and come sit. Lit the candles.” Mother replied. Lucy sat down next to her mother and lit the candles. Mother wished Lucy Happy Birthday and told her to make a wish. But Lucy was looking at her mother with frightened eyes because she saw something different.


Written By-

Tasmin Shikha

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