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Which to prefer between hiking boots and hiking shoes?

For every novice hiker and traveller, it becomes a matter of confusion as to what type of shoes he/she might buy? The reason for this is that the reviewers rather than selling the real deal they tend to propagate their own products which leads to misleading and false information.

Tips to Make Your Hiking Adventure a Safe One

In this article, we'll look at the difference between hiking shoes and boots. After this post, I hope you'll have a better understanding of the distinctions, which will help you to make the best purchase decision possible.

There are only two types of hiking footwear:

Shoes and Boots

The sort of hiker you are will determine whether you should choose shoes or boots. Do you like lengthy, strenuous treks or short, leisurely strolls? Do you like to hike on trails or in rough areas like rocky uneven terrain?

The weather also becomes the key deciding factor for selecting shoes or boots. If you want to hike in wet weather, waterproof shoes are recommended; nevertheless, if you prefer to trek in bright light, meshed top shoes will keep you uncomfortable because of sweating in the shoes.

Now let’s put on shoes and boots each after to differentiates and found out the difference.


Are you new to the game? Then boots are recommended for you. Despite the fact that they are fairly heavy. And it's true, even a few weights on your feet makes a difference when you are walking for a long distance. The fact is that these heavy boots come with some benefits. It has a lot of cushioning in it. It also provides ankle support that is very important for novice hiker to keep their adventure trip enjoyable. This gives a great deal of assistance, which is essential for novices.

When trekking over tough terrain and for long distances, boots proved to be far superior to shoes. In addition, the boots allow a hiker to bear a lot of weight. Boots can absorb more weight than shoes.

So, bring a bottle of water (since trekking dehydrates you), maps and a compass (to avoid getting lost), a multi-tool, matches, and a torchlight.

Lightweight Hiking Boots for Women

Lightweight Hiking Boots for Men


In comparison to boots, shoes are much lighter weight. This is due to the fact that they have less cushion and cushioning than boots, which is great if you're walking on well-defined routes.

The reduced weight comes with less support, resulting in less shock absorption as compared to boots. Make sure you're not carrying too much weight. Shoes will be adequate if you do not want to carry a lot of weight. Shoes with a low cut at the ankles provide for unrestricted leg movement, allowing for quick movements. If speed and agility are important components of your hike, shoes are the ideal option.

If you have the opportunity, bring a hiking buddy with you. Hiking is an excellent method to get to know one another, establish trust, and form bonds.

Here are some of the most comfortable hiking shoes-

Quechua Hiking Shoes for Women-

Quechua Hiking Shoes for Men-

Do hiking boots make a difference?

So, in my opinion, boots are the smart choice for anyone because it gives you more stability. Its ankle support is a boon for any type of hiker or traveller because it protects your ankle from getting hurt. Many hikers have got their ankles twisted just for the fact they weren’t under the right gear, that’s why boots come as a saviour to your foot and provide you safety from misery. I always used the boots and I recommend everyone to have them. For a novice, they must buy it a month before their hiking trip and start using it while the morning walk or evening walk so that you can get comfortable with it.

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