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Home Or Just A Bubble?

Home Or Just A Bubble?

Sometimes even a simple job

Like getting out of your bed

Might seem like a Herculean task

Sometimes you feel numb

Up to your little toes

Like there is an invisible bubble

surrounding you

Nothing seems to penetrate

Nothing seems to escape from that bubble either

Because there is nothing left inside it

The feeling of impending doom

Takes over you

And somehow it starts to give

You a feeling of HOME

You're more comfortable with

The idea of not seeing the light

Of the day

Rather than facing the atrocities

Of life the next morning

Liers are those people

Who don't admit to this feeling

Of getting lost sometimes

When someone says

"It's just a phase it will pass away"

You feel like curling up further inside

Your insides are dying with each passing moment

As you have to deal with such ignorance

We're all a bunch of idiots

So never let anyone define it as just "a phase"

For you

I know, I know

It's not that easy

Let it take it's natural course

Let it flow inside you like a river

Take your time!

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