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The history of politics can be traced back to early civilizations, from ancient times to the present day. It has changed considerably over time and continues to change today. Politics are closely linked with power and can be thought about as who holds power in society, how power is exercised, and what values are upheld by those in power. It is a global phenomenon revolving around the centralization of power. Though it has been interpreted in many ways, its contribution to moulding the socio-economic landscape is significant.


This article shall take a deviation from the traditional meaning of politics. However, you must not limit your perception of the most fundamental organizing principle in contrast to this mere observation.

The contemporary world is a rough place. Political patronage and its hidden whispers have unleashed a series of concerns - polarization, radical partisanship, violence and whatnot!

The contemporary world has its share of polarization in politics. This has increased in recent years, with prominent parties concentrating more on their bases than attracting moderates from the other party. Consequently, it isn't wrong to say that we are polarized as a society as Opinions are shouted louder and louder and become more entrenched. For example- the political history of India is characterized by extreme ideological polarization. The nation's history is a testimony to the violence and animosities of this polarization.

Secondly, politics are influenced by partisan ideologies. These extreme ideologies are woven into the modern-day political structure, which has a system operating on capitalist principles. A consequent problem of today is the spreading of fraudulence and lack of impartiality from mainstream media, indirectly facilitating partisan politics & separating people based on their race, religion, nationality or social class.

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Politics has had a long, angry and violent past. There is no question that politics and violence are closely linked. Politics is prevalent in unwired as well as virtual spaces and keeping it devoid in these social spaces is not possible. Thus there are scenarios where problematic politics manifest themselves as violence. Many times, these riots get instigated by political leaders who see violence as a way to mobilize their supporters. The traditional way of viewing politics primarily as power brokers jockeying for positions; also leads to an atmosphere of violent confrontation and intolerance.

Politics is a sensitive subject that needs to be handled delicately considering especially the heated atmosphere and rapidly changing viewpoint on what type of dialogue should be debated. There is no specific answer on what would work for all societies. Still, there are several international factors, that sum up the general situation: The globally evolving indicators depict the issue to be at the centre of today’s political debate, with violence, becoming more alarming. However, a constructive approach will be to first rethink the obstructive lens that politics is pitched around in everyday discourse.

And the rest..

Well, only time will tell.


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Neha Naveha
Neha Naveha
Jul 11, 2022

an extensive yet short article, kudos to the writer!!!

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