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Updated: May 7, 2021

If what most people are doing today is Kalyug, Be someone conscious of today's loss!

I do not think we have a right to be a master of other's life. I have never been interested in people's private life nor I'll be ever, But I'm always upset to see today's generation's mindset. Frankly telling I'm no one to direct anyone what to see and what not to, neither I'm against social media and nudity. Nudity, at last, is nothing, just our body, body which a child has and an adult, it’s just the same. But my issues have always been with the way it is circulated.

What is happening on Instagram or to say, in any social platform? Wherever I go, people tend to be famous. To be famous for what? To be famous among whom? I don't know what wrong has happened with them. And the funniest thing, they choose the filthiest trick of showing trimmed body, seriously everywhere! Who’s gonna look into all this?

Maybe I sound here as if I'm clarifying myself to be on the safe side but it is no less true that I do respect what a woman wears and her way of living. She can wear short dresses or sarees, tight clothes or burqa, or whatever she wants. But what I'm trying to connect here is something different. It is our responsibility as to what we give to our young fellows. For sure most of us will agree that we have been gifted maturity by our elders. But what are we conferring to our coming generation? Don't you think they are distracted? What they had not to see so early they are aware of? "PRE-MATURITY" if I'm not wrong. I see very small girls & boys doing such things on social handles which belong to a mature. They are all my brothers & sisters; shall I not feel bad for them? I’m thinking they are losing their innocence because everyone is in the rat race of getting more public engagement, by views and likes. And if they don’t get one, they might step ahead to attract the crowd.

Don't you think they have lost their childhood? The childhood of cricket, the childhood of hiding and seek, the childhood of rain, the childhood of running, and more importantly the childhood of innocence. They will get to know of sex at a mild age, perhaps, they should be taught about this from the very beginning so they don't exaggerate this very natural thing into their psyches and suffer alone with the worthless curiosity of this term which the society has developed sternly. But that needs a way of teaching. I think there is no need to abruptly open up everything to them when they need to enjoy their childhood in patience, but, not in curiosity.

Well, either I'm over matured or today's parents have lost track. It's their responsibility to teach their children the basics, and moral values. The right way of life. Instead, they are pushing them into the artificial world. I may sound harsh here but parents have been unsuccessful to teach their kids the basic norms. I'm never in the favour of making them saints or spiritual leaders. I just want them to teach humanity all along. But are they even ready to teach themselves, when they confront tough situations? The addiction of living in the fake reality is turning them weak and making them incapable of facing worldly conflicts. Life is not a hub of sweet ice creams, humanity has suffered in history, they will have to suffer too. But the question is, are they ready? I don't know how our masters have defined "Kalyug". But as far as I notice, this negligence of reality, this insensibility of faults, and this inability of enduring, I define it.

Most people don't discuss the massive issues. I see no kid discussing the changing environment. Not even the elders do. I'm stunned to see the place where we are doing everything, from sex to being enlightened, from birth to death, from study to business, we don't discuss its well-being. No one does it though. It's dying. It will for sure. Buildings are important, trees are not, roads are important, jungles are not, our family is important, the earth is not. Wearing brands and bullets are important, animals are not, ice for water is important, melting glaciers are not, vehicles are important, pollution isn't. In short, fashion is important, our environment is not. Wake up people, think only once, whatever we are doing, we are doing it on earth. To be here of us, earth has to be here. This social media, the fame will lead us nowhere. Don't you think the earth has changed? Don't you think it's dying? Isn't it time to cure her?

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