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To Kill A Mockingbird- Highlights & Review

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

To Kill a Mockingbird, a modern classic by Harper Lee, is a beautiful novel with a theme of social equality and prejudice. Racist Southern culture, which is strongly steeped in violence and bigotry, is one of the topics. As many of us are aware, the theme of this 1960 novel is still pertinent in today's society. Work with a socially important topic and a lovely plot that incorporates a rural setting and young characters is a wonderful mix.

The most intriguing feature of this book is that it is told entirely through the eyes of a toddler. However, an eight-year-old child's interpretation of the narrative does not weaken the novel's important themes in any way. The twists and turns in Scout and Jem's lives, their upbringing, normal childhood days, and so on are all fascinating. The people's racial discrimination is linked with their lives through a case for Tom Robinson, a Negro, taken up by their lawyer father, Atticus Finch. This has an impact on their life. Scout, with her tenacity and astute attitude, quickly becomes a fan favourite.

Harper Lee's debut novel is considered one of the finest modern classics. It is ahead of its time, delivering a message that is still required in today's society. The novel's major topic is prejudice towards the black population. This is essential to the main character's life. Standing up for what is right, defending the vulnerable, swimming against the stream; all of these virtuous deeds come at a high cost, sometimes even putting our loved ones' lives and dignity in jeopardy. The work conveys a powerful message to the readers. It deftly depicts the fragility of a minority group and how they succumb to discrimination. The author deftly introduces the subtext of racism and does it compassionately via characters who peacefully oppose this evil. Harper Lee demonstrates that there are certain people in every community who will stand firmly on the side of justice, even if it means facing harsh repercussions.

Another element worth highlighting is Atticus's excellent parenting. He is committed to raising his children to be strong people with positive personalities, regardless of the culture in which they live. Scout is taught to read by Atticus from a young age to which Scout remarks, “I don’t love reading. How can one love to breathe?”

Scout and Jem's childhood adventures and experiences were fantastic. Scout soon became a favourite. She demonstrates bravery, curiosity, and wit. The favourite part is the children's interest in their neighbour Boo Radley and the ensuing occurrences. Maycomb and its inhabitants immediately capture the reader's heart. Everyone has a distinguishing personality feature. Another notable aspect of this novel is that all of the characters are well-developed. There's something unique about a narrative in which all of the characters are vividly portrayed.

Even though the finale was well-crafted in accordance with the beginning of the novel, it was unsatisfying. The text should have ended with a more specific, thorough, and logical conclusion. Nonetheless, it does not make the conclusion dull.

Harper Lee is the author of To kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird dive into the fundamental truths of human existence as depicted by the characters of Maycomb.

Important Note-

Author: Harper Lee

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: Time Warner Books

Originally Published: July 11, 1960

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