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The Wait Is Finally Over!

The Wait Is Finally Over!

Today !! the wait was finally over,

I saw her like raindrops in the shower

Her glimpse was little but the impression on me was imprinted forever,

A nanosecond eye clash was all I could bare,

She has grown to be a cute lil polar bear but for me, She's still irresistible and I swear,

Don’t know but felt her life has gone a downward slum.

I wanna help her but don't wanna be made fool again, an idiotic plum,

She has kept my heart all over again,

But alas! want no more of the same old pain,

This glimpse of her will be with me forever,

As if she was trying to tell me to hold her today or it was now or never.

"Ek hasrat se tune aaj jo mujhe milwa diya

Ae khuda tune mujhe aaj apne aap ek dafa fir se rubru krwa Diya."

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