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What is minimalist?, minimalist person

Minimalism is an idea or movement that only sticks to a purpose intentionally with clarity. Mainly minimalism word and this idea came into existence in the late 1950s. At that time, some prominent artists like; Frank Stela, Robert Morris, Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, etc., start doing work with simplicity and clarity. But surprisingly, these artists were liked by the multitude. So every other artist was amazed at how many people liked this straightforward idea. People who like this idea keep simple and clear thoughts about anything are known as minimalist people. But the most interesting fact about these kinds of people is that they are attracted by the concept behind every art form, architecture, painting, etc. Now you must be thinking about yourself, are you a minimalist or a maximalist? What's the difference between a minimalist person and another person?

So, listen to it up here…

Minimalists are creative, so they always try to spend their time doing some productive work. Mostly they spend their time with themselves or with a selected person. Minimalists always feel constrained without space; that's why they have only a few materialistic items when they visit this kind of person's house. As well as, every minimalist needs a limited amount of things, which makes them happy.

Minimalists are resourceful; they are a slave to their schedule, work, etc. They always stick to one thing or hobby instead of doing many things. It does not mean they don't like variety, they do, but they choose only one particular thing for their attention. They always try to do some experiments to experience happiness; they always try to push their limit to do something new. These people are only controlled by their happiness; it doesn't mean they are selfish. It means if they are in a relationship with someone or have some selected people in their life, they can do anything to make them happy.

So you must have analysed yourself till now and might be wondering how you came so far reading this?

As human beings, we have the intricate senses to analyse things. In the beginning, we observed the characteristics of a minimalistic person, let's see what we learn from this type of person and how their ideas improve our lives.

minimalism, what is minimalism?

The best thing about a minimalist person is that they know their wants and their need. Even sometimes, their needs and desires are exact because they only care about their happiness. Now, look at anyone's life; for example, think about yourself. Think about your life desires; when we walk on the road or scroll on social media, our minds become diverted to every attractive thing, even when we see a good businessman or a good employee, we try to imitate him. A man with a luxurious car arose our desire to buy that car. Foremost, we see a traveller then we think to be like him… And in the world of globalization, our phone knows our desires and needs better than we do.

See just 10 minutes of trapful shuffling of video changes our desires. This is how desires changed, and let's come to needs… think deeply about your need for the moment when you are reading this article; it is something simple like; having a cup of coffee or tea, something good to eat, some extra rest, or something else but whatever it is it will be very simple. Sometimes our needs also become tough to achieve, but that time we try our best to fulfil our needs, and somehow we fulfil them. But we never enjoy that moment; after completing one need, we start thinking about another, and this process continues. See what we want, a whole world from A to Z. But how can you achieve everything at once? No one has achieved, and no one will achieve. So, always try to find your happiness in simple and logical things. I am not saying that don't dream about things.

I am concluding, "Limit your satisfaction (needs & desires) and broaden your thoughts".

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Gaurav Chandra
Gaurav Chandra
Aug 23, 2022

Very well Sudhanshu. It helped me figure out a few more minimalists like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett etc

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