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Never Lose Focus

Updated: May 7, 2021

We humans, are greedy and insecure beings, we always want stability and guarantee in our life, be it at any age or situation. But I am gonna talk about the most curious age of a person which can either make or break entirely the entire life of an individual and this age group is generally between 19-23 age.

I know and can completely relate to this, being from teen to mild adult man where we all have just crossed a small channel of a big ocean and we all are a bit excited, thrilled, and curious to know what new opportunities life is gonna offer.

In most cases and time, it is natural we might don’t know the capabilities we bear inside us and because of this, we can easily tend to depend on others and get intimated by others actions and words and thinks of ourselves as a fool, who is good for nothing. But you know what, I strongly believe these folks who are introverts and shy is the real hero because they need not aggerate their craft and skills to others who don’t understand the gravity of hard work has gone into the skill to learn it and therefore, can’t appreciate the beauty of the craftsman. Completely do I understand the phenomena of loneliness and it’s not a bad thing to take advice from others, what’s not okay is that to follow them completely mindless in a view that if one thing has worked for your role model it will work similarly for you, perhaps, it might go completely against you. I would strongly suggest taking inspiration from others, being it the actor, friend, relative even your enemy for the matter of fact, so that you can make your way and walk through the hurdle graciously because by doing this you not only give yourself more chances to explore yourself but will also face your personal failure which we surely turn into success, which shall be truly yours.

But the question arises in my mind, why are we always afraid of being successful by doing things in our way? Probably, because of mainly two reasons, the first is that we easily trust others idea and think it to be nicer than ours and the second is that we can’t see our abilities because of which our own worth just gets shatter in our own eyes, and as a repla curation, society also treats us as looser.

Ask a billionaire or a successful man, about their mantra for success and the answer, is simple and short i.e., ‘focus’. If someone is successful today it means he was focusing on that particular thing for a long time and because of his consistent and passion to achieve his goal, he is what he is known for. So, it’s better to leave all the so-called hit formula today and focus only on what you want from your life by establishing your way. You also know you can’t change your past and no one can see their future, so, it’s the present you only have at this moment then why not fasten your mind on one thing and do it dedicatedly so that soon you would be successful, which you always have dreamt for.

And always remember, stability is nothing because when you become stable that’s mean you are going to lose your existence and this is not the simple chemistry of your own life. You need to shake the loose ends and make a perfect chain that will turn into nothing but your desire successful life.

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