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Together We Stand, Together We Fall

Updated: May 7, 2021

Dear all, we are going through a time when society and its norms are in direct confrontation with the biological Darwinian force. The community seems to be surrendering. The communicable diseases are called so because they originate and prosper within the community and without a doubt, their management to lies within the same. Imagine a tank full of water, to be an imagery of a country full of humans. Now as we add a cup of dye in the water, it will diffuse gradually to cover the entire tank. The virus and its infection too spreads within the community, threatening ultimately, to infect us all.

Let us continue with the analogy. The rate of diffusion of the dye can be slowed down or sped up. You heat the water or stir it up, the diffusion increases. The avoidable gatherings of people, lack of precautions and nutrition would do the same for Corona’s communicability in the country. Similarly, you cool the water and make it still, the diffusion slows down just as we can slow down the corona spread by staying indoors, taking necessary precautions and most importantly helping each other in rational and scientific ways to come out of it. Remember, preventing infections in others or helping them to cure out of it is not just a philosophical act of philanthropy. It is also necessary to minimize the probability of the infection reaching you.

Are we not all experiencing the random availability of the list of few potential plasma donors who then get overwhelmed with so many calls that it practically becomes of no use? Friends, this also indicates a societal ill that we all are a party to i.e., we all wish someone should step out to help us, while we ourselves never realize we owe it back to society. I repeat, the communicable disease can be dealt with by the community itself and helping others fight corona is the securest way of preventing corona from reaching us as well.

Towards that goal, I am initiating a drive to form a pan-national list of individuals who are potential plasma donors and would like to live by example. This Google document attached is easy to edit, you just need to click it open and enter your details. If this followed, it would work as wonders in the fight against Corona.

I believe this is one of the biggest challenges of evolution that humanity has ever faced and until we all come on board, we might not live to tell its tale. I am not going to give up easily. How about you? Show your participation by enriching the list. Jai Hind.

NOTE- All those who are wondering, is the dye sooner or later necessarily going to diffuse into the whole? Is there no other solution to stop it altogether? Well, the answer is adding alum, a chelating agent into the water. It would precipitate the dye down, making the water clear again. Alum for the COVID is nothing but the vaccine. But until we get all vaccinated, we must slow the spread as much as possible.

Written By-

Vinoy Krishna

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1 Yorum

Abhi Jeet
Abhi Jeet
20 Nis 2021

Very well written Sir ☺️ . In This time it's our responsibility to be a good Samaritan and contribute in saving lives. Thus this Plasma Donor's list can be very useful and helpful , thus reducing confusion and hassle.

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