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Imagine you are playing football, and the ball you kick goes in slow motion, and all events that occur during your game are happening in slow motion. It seems to be a fascinating and imaginary topic about how someone can play any sport in space. Without Gravity, it seems impossible, but the reality is that many astronauts in the space stations are playing many games in the space centre, which gave the idea of space sports. Space sports is a field that is a complete mixture of space science and sports.

We are well aware of the law of physics work on earth, and because of these laws, we can walk, play and do the things we want. But space sports will break all physics laws and make it a fantastic sport. The question is how space sports could be played in space ?

So the answer is here. First, players need to be athletes who have good stamina and who can perform multiple tasks in zero Gravity. For this, they must be trained under zero Gravity. Many sports people have tried to play their games in zero Gravity; for example, Usain Bolt world's fastest athlete, had tried to run in zero Gravity, but he felt it was more challenging to run in space than on Earth.

Many companies now provide Zero-G sports arenas where one who wants to play any sports he can play in zero Gravity. And second is infrastructure and training. For any sport, proper training and infrastructure are the basic need of a player. Athletes now have earth-based skills but need Zero -G sporting skills to play sports in space. They have to pass through training that is given to an astronaut; after that, they need to acquire specific skills for specific sports.

This infrastructure, like equipment, suits, stadiums, machines, etc., is also needed to work in space. There should well a maintained stadium required where any sports can be played. Besides all these things, the main and the last thing which needs to make any sport popular is its fans. So some arrangements or missions must be required to carry some fans to the space station and give them a chance to enjoy live space sports in space. Imagine !! Everyone is watching his favourite space sports team while wearing their space suits that look fascinating.

Portuguese footballer Luís Figo sets New Guinness World Record by playing in First Zero-Gravity Football Game.
Portuguese footballer Luís Figo sets New Guinness World Record by playing in First Zero-Gravity Football Game. Source - techeblog

Luís Figo, a Portuguese former professional footballer has created Guinness World Records by playing a football game in zero gravity conditions (altitude of 20,230 ft/6,1661.1 m) inside an aircraft in the year 2022. The record was even verified by two witnesses and was confirmed by an Official Adjudicator from the Guinness World Team.

NASA and other space agencies are now thinking about making space sports possible in space, and for this Space Games Federation was formed to look into the matter.

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