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Ten unique Restaurants and café in India.

Tired of the same old cafés and want to try something different?

Don’t be shy, I also get bored with the usual restaurant and café in my cities. Being a traveller, I am always in search of new places and decore that fantasize me and inspire me even more to travel. So, I put my time to find out some of the most unique restaurants and café in India to experience a whole different sense of scoffing. I’m so astonished by my research that India is full of unusual cafés & restaurants. These dinings are known for their unique architecture and designs rather than their cuisine. Let's dive in to explore these unique restaurants and café of India, challenging the traditional way of dining.

1. Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

Taste of Darkness gives a unique gourmet experience that you will not find anywhere else. The entire café is completely dark, where anyone can see hardly anything. You will be seated with 50 other individuals for dining in utter darkness. The cuisine is unique, and the staff is well-trained to provide excellent service. The motive behind this cafe is to make Customers learn about the lives of blind and visually handicapped people.

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

2. Ciclo Café, Chennai

Ciclo Café is the first of its type located in Chennai. It's a lovely cycling café with a bicycle-themed décor. You may eat cuisine while learning about bicycle culture. A handle and a wheel may even be found on the restaurant's counter. From the gigantic bikes to the adorable small ones, there is something for everyone here.

Ciclo Café in Chennai.
Ciclo Café, Chennai.

3. Hijak Café, Ahmedabad

Hijak Café’s concept is based on the mobile dining concept to provide a tour of Ahmedabad. The city tour lasts for 1 to 2 hours and customers may enjoy the great cuisine while going through Ahmedabad’s tourist attractions. Hijak Café is one of its kind who has so much customer and success throughout the year.

Hijak Café in Ahmedabad
Hijak Café, Ahmedabad

4. Rainforest Restaurant, Chennai

If you wish to visit the Amazon forest and have a dine there, then you can enjoy the delight of dining in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Chennai. This multi-cuisine restaurant puts you on a sensory safari with the sound of gushing waterfalls and singing birds which will leave you mesmerized and amazed by its decor and cuisine standards.

Rainforest Restaurant in Chennai
Rainforest Restaurant, Chennai

5. Kunzum Travel Café, Delhi

Kunzum is aimed towards frequent travellers and enthusiastic readers. The café encourages visitors to share their travel experiences while having a perfect combination of travel food. It's a fantastic place for tourists to connect, share contact information, chat over coffee, and participate in interactive seminars led by photographers and authors. It is owned by Ajay Jain and operated by a group of travel writers. Usually, the Café charges you to pay for the meal you had, but here you won’t receive any bill, instead, the café allows you to pay as you wish to.

Kunzum Travel Café in Delhi
Kunzum Travel Café, Delhi

6. Seva Café, Ahmedabad

The nicest thing about Seva Café is that there is no charge for your meal. Their method is based on an economic model in which someone else has already paid for your dinner, and you pay for someone else's meal in exchange. At this tax-free eatery, you may give a gift and make a new friend. They inspire the concept of unity and oneness in their own style.

Seva Café, in Ahmedabad
Seva Café, Ahmedabad

7. Veli lake Floating Restaurant, Kerala

The restaurant is a lovely and scenic place tucked between the Veli lagoon and the Arabian Sea, located 10 kilometers from Trivandrum city in Veli town. The beach and the café are linked by a floating bridge which is turned into a beautiful restaurant for people to enjoy their meal in a pleasant environment. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation is in charge of the two-story floating structure (KTDC).

 Veli lake Floating Restaurant in Kerala
Veli lake Floating Restaurant, Kerala

8. Silver Metro, Bangalore

Where it is strictly prohibited to eat food inside a metro. Silver Metro restaurant, on the other hand, allows you to dine inside one. This metro-themed restaurant will take you on a delectable journey with only exquisite foods as a pit break. This restaurant is exquisitely designed, and all we can say is that we wish you a pleasant journey.

 Silver Metro in Bangalore
Silver Metro, Bangalore

9. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, there is Café where you have to eat on a commode at this toilet-themed eatery in India. Nature’s Toilet Café is a one-of-a-kind toilet café located adjacent to the Gandhi Ashram. The restaurant includes a garden with around 20 toilets and urinals made in the theme of 1950's. The founders took the notion from here and decided to create something new. Customers eat their meals while seated in toilets rather than seats.

Nature’s Toilet Café in Ahmedabad
Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

10. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Kaidi Kitchen, which features décor that resembles jail cells, is one of the strangest eateries. The employees are disguised as jail superintendents and inmates. Vegetarian Mexican, Italian, Thai, and Indian cuisine is available. Your arrival here gives you the sensation of being shackled, as well as an understanding of the number of crimes that occur and how they are dealt with.

Kaidi Kitchen in Chennai
Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

These are some of my recommended cafes which will give you a nice experience of dining. They are pocket-friendly and gives you a different sense of dining. You can visit these places with your friends, family and dear ones. Do visit them and let me know in the comment box which one is your favourite.

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