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Updated: Apr 17, 2022


Starry sky and moonlit high,

I knew what my heart meant to do,

The grass felt fresh and I took an unexpected sigh.

I cornered my left eye and could see drops of dew,

On tip of each grass needle, whichever grew.

As I focused gradually to my right,

Brightening stars glimmered in my night filled eyes.

The dark sky was all trimmed

With these billion sequins, twinkling in my eyes,

watery and brimmed.

With every flowing tear, over my face,

I walked into the room with grown-up haste.

My heart welcomed me to this rusty room,

Well-guarded with unwanted boldness and curtains of doom.

Even the brightest star tried to fill the light in this room,

But I locked it up again quickly and soon,

I ran away as hard as I could,

Because this trip to my heart took me to the unplanned route.

Grasp of fresh air covered up the unfold layer,

I touched the grass and side-lined the past,

And ran away, ran away far.

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