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Food is a mode to showcase a country's delight and culture in its eating habits and taste. But what if, such a delight turns out to be weird and undigestable. Would you still dare to taste it? Here are the top five weird dishes of the world which might surprise you.

1. Century Egg, China

century eggs in china
Century Eggs

Would you eat a rotting egg if you found one? Someone did it in ancient China, and it's now a well-known delicacy. For months, the eggs (also known as hundred-year eggs or pidan) are coated in clay, ash, and salt, resulting in a dark green yolk that reeks like sulphur. Even though many people dismiss it, it's one of those odd treats that you could love.

2. Stargazey Pie, England

Stargazey Pie in England
Stargazey Pie

Stargazey is a pie-containing fish that stare at the sky that is served on Tom Bawcock's Eve in the Cornish settlement of Mousehole, England (23rd December). Legend has it that this valiant sixteenth-century sailor rowed out in heavy winds one December evening and returned with a catch large enough to feed the starving locals. It's critical to leave the heads on the fish, which protrude from the body.

3. Jellied Moose Nose, Canada

Jellied Moose Nose in Canada
Jellied Moose Nose

This snack's name alone is a solid candidate for "weirdest cuisine in the world." Although the nose isn't exactly a popular cut, some daring Canadians have experimented with nasal gastronomy by cooking them with onions and spices, removing the hair, boiling again, then slicing and coating with a jelly-like broth. It appears to be as terrible as it sounds.

4. White Ant Eggs Soup, Laos

White Ant Eggs Soup in Loas
White Ant Eggs Soup

Laos' Gaeng Kai Mot Daeng mixes ant eggs and partial embryos from the white ant, as well as a few young ants to add sourness, to make one of the world's most unique soups. The flavour is said to be extremely good if your stomach can tolerate it: crisp and delicate, with a hint of shrimp. Still undecided? Simply imagine yourself eating a bowl of risotto.

5. Balut, The Philippines

Balut in The Philippines

If you're looking for some revolting food facts, look no further. Balut is a popular delicacy in the Philippines. This fertilized duck egg is cooked alive and then eaten whole, including the partially formed embryo inside, with salt, chilli, and vinegar. You're intended to pierce a hole in the top of the shell, drink the savoury liquid, and then crush the remainder of the contents - feathers, etc.

So, Do you like the complication? Have you tried any of these before? If not, would you give it a try to these cuisines? Write in the comment section which one you find the weirdest amongst the all. Share you have something to tell.

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