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AATA – SATA | A Hell Tradition for Women

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The Death of a 21year old Suman from Bhimpura village of Nagore district of Rajasthan has shocked the country. The girl committed suicide by jumping into the well. In the suicide note, she mentioned that reason for her death is not any particular person or family but the whole society which had made ill–tradition of AATA-SATA. Suman who was a young talented girl graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and pursued a beautician course. She was married to a shepherd who used to graze goats and sheep. The marriage turned nightmare for her and she committed suicide. She mentioned that she has no other option than to die because if she breaks the wedlock, her brother's marriage will also be broken.

What is ATA-SATA?

It is a tradition where girls (brides) are exchanged for marriage. Let’s understand this by an example. Suppose there are two men Mr X and Mr Y. Mr X are marrying the sister of Mr Y or a girl from Mr Y’s family. So, in return, Mr X will have to give his sister or a girl from his family to Mr Y or to his family member to get married to the girl. It is basically an exchange of girls for marriage. In this tradition, women are made the scapegoat for their brother or other male members of their family. In various cases, girls are married to mentally retarded, handicap, or very old people. Suman said that even 17years old girls are married to 70year old man. Many times, marriage being decided in childhood. Many families have to forcefully continue this tradition because if they break the marriage, they may be alienated and outcast from society and it may break his family member's marriage as in the case of Suman.


This tradition is popular in almost all communities in Rajasthan except in scheduled tribes and states such as Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. In Bihar, it is called Golta marriage. The main reason is the low sex ratio and incapability of finding a girl for marriage.

What lies ahead?

It is very horrendous to see that in the modern era of the 21st century with most civilized beings still accepts these traditions, and co-exist in society peacefully letting off the girl to live a life of hell. India is believed to be a country of rights and tends to provide basic Human Rights to all and superficially said Article 21 of Schedule III of the Indian Constitution which highlights the Fundamental Rights to everyone clearly provide the Right to a Dignified Life, the Right to Marry of one's choice is an inalienable right and Article 13 that mentions that the State cannot make or amend laws inconsistent with or in derogation of Fundamental Right.

Sadly, till now no specific law for this tradition is available in our country although it is violative of fundamental rights. The reason behind it can be that there was no major reporting related to this abstractive tradition or case related to it. But the suicide note of Suman may force the government to make laws related to this issue and could save another Suman from suicide.


Written By-

Nitish Upadhyay

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