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The Last Glimpse

The Last Glimpse

Saw her across the foggy train window, her hairs were grey, eyes were pale, wrinkled skin,

She was too weak and thin but still had that lively grin, that ever so sharp across shape chin.

She waved good bye to me with vigour as if she had pulled the last so trigger,

The thought of leaving her hunted me then,

May be this is the last time I am seeing her from now and then.

It's the time which has passed so fast by,

The next time I came around, I could only cry.

That last glimpse of her was a sign,

That when you will come back, don't find me here,

Just see the sky and don't cry,

Just say granny I love you and wish me a sweet lil good bye.

Written By-

Adv. Avik

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