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What goes inside the mind of 23 years?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Apparently, I was trying to write this article for such a long period of time. A lot of writes, rewrites, cuts, and delete but nothing was worked out properly. Probably, I just wanted to write for the sake of writing or wanted to put something that I wanted to share but wasn’t able to do so. But now when I have turned 24 lately, I might know what to say.

The article wasn’t aimed to give tips and tricks on how to deal with the teen or the new age adult life? One solid moto to write the article was to let people know what it is felt like when you are under the most crucial time of the phase where you are under an unknown dilemma what to do and what not to do. You want to double sure that the decision that you take, is one that fits best for now and later. You don’t have to overthink anything in the upcoming time as the decision you make as an adult will begin to define your life. It is hilarious as parents used to take all the life decisions before you are a teen and suddenly the same burden is poured on your shoulder with having zero experience, it somewhere shakes you from inside and upside (hey mentally, nothing else!) You are being introduced to the vivid personalities who might have the power to push the strings when you need, and here is you have to do, be generous to them and maintain a good relationship with them, as to why- they are the pawn of the chess who will protect your king (dreams) from being shattered. Remember the barter system that we studied in the economic class, I thought it was just a concept, until now when you have to find ways to exchange barter and be okay with them.

Now is the time when people will question you directly for your mistakes and no one is there to cover you up, you have to be on your own actions as your guiding angel. As a suggestion, it is better to start talking in ‘poker face’ ASAP, if you master the art well, you are halfway there to deal with the unwanted burden. The more straightforward you are more it easy to deal with stuff.

Around the same time most of your friends, got into a fancy profession or might have shifted their interests and might start the so-called struggling life. Here still you are wondering what to do next and how to deal with it. Each step of the day is a thoughtful one, doubting to be the just perfect and having no wrongs in it. People say, life is about making mistakes and gathering experience, is it so true, a questionable sight always haunts to stand upright and be well aware of the surrounding. What if you fail to stand by the standards people expect from you or let say you set for yourself, what should you do next?

Research and try to qualify for the unsaid exam or work on yourself. It is true in this journey you will find a million and a zillion of people smarter than you and quicker than you, might this people is your brother or sister or your besties, but is OKAY in capital letter to take a seat back and take your time to figure out things for yourself and in the end what matter is you and how you are going to make things work for yourself. Having a slower and smaller pace won't make you the loser in the race. Take a time off and relax, the age is hard but doesn’t let it get through you and ruin own self.

Written By-

Adv. Ravisha Mahajan

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