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The unsung sites in Manali

‘Unforgettable Himachal’ is the tagline of Himachal Pradesh Tourism, and if you are planning your Manali Trip then your travel journey will be an unforgettable one. Manali has always been in trends when it comes to tourism. One of the reasons for this is the pleasant weather and beautiful mountains. People have always loved to be around mountains to feel alive and happy. The cost of friendliness makes it also a great reason to visit it. When talked about the Manali most of the people are unaware of the deep-down sites of it, that’s why they are yet unexplored by them. By this article, you would find out 10 to do things or interesting places you can visit in Manali when you make your next trip. I am sure you might not be familiarised with them.

1. Sthan Village-

Sthan Village gets their fame because of the first igloo of India and now this is one of the tourist destinations of the Manali. This village is considered as an Igloo village, 14km from Manali. To experience snow, you must visit Sthan village and enjoy a cup of tea under snowfall. You will also experience snow sliding, skiing, snowboard etc. It will be worth visit over there.

Sthan Village 'Igloo Vilage of India'

2. Anjani Mahadev Temple-

A top unexplored destination of Manali, because most of the people visit Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley but skips Anjani Mahadev Temple. From Solang Valley it’s just at a distance of 30mins trek, with small trekking it is also a spiritual destination. The speciality of this place is that the waterfall always falls over Lord Shiva naturally. So, if you are planning to visit Manali then put this on your wish list.

3. Baroad – Parsha Waterfall-

The name is given after the name of two villages because it lies between these two villages. Baroad- Parsha Waterfall is developed by Himachal Government and Forest Department under the eco-tourism. This is the reason it is unexplored and less popular among the tourist. It is only 5km from Manali. You must put this on your list if you are planning to Manali.

4. The Manali Gompa-

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is built by Tibetan refugees in the 1960s and commonly referred to as Manali Gompa. The monastery allows you to enjoy quiet settings and unmatched spiritual vibes. The stalls in the complex are a good place for souvenirs and Tibetan handicrafts.

5. Van Vihar-

If you are looking for some peaceful moments in Manali town, then Van Vihar Park is highly recommended. Van Vihar is a public park complete with greenness and sky-touching deodar trees. You can also enjoy boating in the lake here. Bird watchers will enjoy spotting local species in the park, especially in the morning hours.

Vann Vihar, Manali

6. Jogni Waterfall-

It is at a distance of 2-3 hours of trekking distance from Vashisht village of Manali. It is one of the most beautiful and less explored destinations of Manali. The trek passes from the dense deodar forest will give you an unforgettable experience. Interestingly if you can’t visit the Jogni Waterfall then your Manali trip will be considered as incomplete.

Jogni Waterfall, Manali

7. Rohtang Pass-

Rohtang means 'ground of corpses' or 'pile of dead bodies’ due to the number of people who lost their lives trying to cross it. It is approx 51km from Manali. Rohtang pass connects Kullu district to Lahul Spiti District. Before the Atal tunnel, it is the only way to enter Lahul Spiti District from Kullu District via Manali. In the month of May and June, almost entire India suffers from high temperatures whereas you can see a 6-foot ice wall alongside the road. A car drive or motorcycle ride from Manali to Rohtang pass is the most beautiful drive through of India because of its beauty and ice walls. This is the thing that made Rohtang pass a top tourist site of Manali.

Recommendation –

Hire a bike from Manali and experience the ride, but don’t litter.

Rohtang Pass

8. Atal Tunnel-

Atal tunnel is at 10,171 ft from the sea level of 9km stretch, which makes it the longest tunnel in the world above the height of 10000 feet. It is 28.6km from Manali and connects Kullu district to Lahul Spiti District. Tunnel shortens the time of 5-6 hours to 30min only. It is an example of marvellous engineering and crossing it is a lifetime experience. At end of the tunnel, you will reach the beautiful village Sissu, where you can do the helicopter ride, boating and enjoy the Maggie with the mesmerising beauty.

9. Solang Valley-

Solang valley is the heart of Manali and also the hub of adventure sports. You can experience a lot of adventure activities here, like Paragliding, Skiing, Zorbing, etc. The distance is 40km from Manali. Solang Valley has different colours in different seasons. It gives you a wonderful experience of snow in the winter season whereas it will give you a wonderful green environment in summer.

Paragliding In Manali

10. Old Manali-

The old Manali is famous for its graffiti and cafes, you can find the best café in the Manali Over here. You can also have fun at Club House there are lots of fun games for kids but you can also enjoy the vibes.

Some Famous Cafés of Old Manali-

The Lazy Dog, The Johnson’s Café, il Forno, Café Amigos, Café 1947.

Well, these are the 10-best destination of Manali you must visit to make your Manali trip memorable. Don’t forget to bring the best camera for Manali, and lots of free memory to capture the unforgettable journey of your life.


Don’t litter keep nature clean and green.

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